Nicholas Corso Algonquin

About Nicholas Corso Algonquin

Nicholas Corso has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a background in law enforcement, management, security, criminal investigations, and data entry.

Nicholas Corso from Algonquin retired after 20 years as a Police Officer for the Village of Algonquin, Illinois. As a Police Officer Nicholas Corso from Algonquin was the Officer in Charge, overseeing the shift in the absence of a supervisory officer.

Nicholas Corso of Algonquin also responsible for teaching new officers. Corso was the Senior Traffic Unit, as a Senior Crash Investigator, in charge of fatal crash scenes, coordinating the investigation until the Traffic Sergeant arrived. Nicholas was responsible for documenting a wide variety of incidents reports that would be reviewed by police supervisors, judges, attorneys, jurors, and the media.

Nicholas Corso from Alqonquin's reports was required to be accurate, concise, and timely. Corso of Algonquin was also responsible for obtaining information from a wide variety of people including victims, witnesses, offenders, of all races, ages, sexes. In 2016, Nicholas Corso Alqonquin relocated from Illinois to Arizona.

Since retiring Nicholas has had several roles as a Security Officer including a position with The City of Phoenix. Nicholas Corso from Algonquin is able to accomplish tasks and make decisions under extreme pressure. Nicholas Corso Algonquin is comfortable communicating effectively, verbally and in written form with a wide variety of people.

With his law enforcement and investigative background, Nicholas Corso from Algonquin would make a great candidate in a variety of roles.

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